Thursday, 23 August 2012


Movie Star Planet says they are a website for fun and interacting with other users and everything. But to me part of it seems like a scam. I will tell you the story of how I got banned forever and how my computer got banned from Movie Star Planet forever.

Basically, I woke up in the morning one time then I went on my account. Someone had hacked me called *piNkeyy bBaBz* (i think) I can't exactly remember her name. Then she left something on my status that said "I took all your stuff, thanks, NOT! You were just hacked!" I was so upset. So then I reported her but couldn't message her because she blocked me so I blocked her. Then I sent a letter to MSP Staff and they still haven't gotten any of the stuff back or deleted her. But then a couple of weeks later I think she was deleted because I searched her name and it didn't show up anymore, I don't know.

Then a couple of days ago I got banned from my account forever for saying something like "change your pass to biwe70 then log off and wait 30 seconds" or whatever. I did NOT say that. So I was hacked yet again and my user has been deleted forever. So I told MSP Staff and asked if they could transfer all my stuff from my deleted account to my other one called paris1purple. But isn't such a coincidence that the night before I got banned forever I bought VIP for one month. So when I told MSP Staff I asked for a refund. They haven't given me one yet.
Then I woke up today (Thursday 23rd August 2012) and found my computer had been blocked from MSP FOREVER! The message said when I tried to log in:

This computer has been locked out of MovieStarPlanet, because we have registered that the Rules in the Term & Conditions has been violated.

 If you feel that this computer has been wrongfully locked, please write the following lock number: 1137646166 to and state your case. Support will then decide whether or not the computer should be unlocked.

Best Regards

So I sent them an e.mail with that code and everything and said I think I was hacked. Then this morning before I told my mum she said you can have VIP for 3 months or something like that. I told her what happened. I think it is wrong of MSP Staff. The number of times I have e.mailed or message them and I asked for them to get back to me ASAP then they have NEVER gotten back to me.

Movie Star Planet is fun but I think part of it is a scam. They want money, I don't think they care much about kids having fun their just making the website fun so kids can go on spend their money on VIP and they have to do the safety and everything or parents will think it is an irresponsible website. Plus, they have added Diamonds to the VIP so people are gonna want VIP more now.

Now there is also a major argument between VIP's and non-VIP's, there is soon going to be movies on how VIP's shouldn't be allowed to enter competitions and Artbooks of hate and everything. This is all because MSP Staff want money. you can't blame them but I wish there was a website out there that did this without having to pay for any of it. Club Penguin, Binweevils and many more want money too.

In conclusion Movie Star Planet is fun website but sometimes they do things for no reason and never help you. BE CAREFUL.

My deleted account was: noddy365, and my other account I was about to get VIP on was: paris1purple.